The Goon Experience brings you all things goon to maximise your Goon Experience pleasure.

What is goon? Goon definition.

Yeah nah piss off mate everyone knows what goon is! Alright alright let me explain.

Goon is love. Goon is life. Goon is the go-to Aussie cheap alcoholic elixir of the Gods. Some define goon as “Cask Wine”, or wine in a box, but we’re not wine drinkers, we’re goon drinkers, and we know what goon really is.

Why drink goon? Goon philosophy.

Why drink goon?? Why the pearls? Why the hair? WHY ANYTHING?!

Goon is cheap. Not like “dirty beer” or “this Vodka tastes like a rat ate poison then pissed it back into the bottle and it still cost me $24” cheap, but like “5 litres of golden delight for 9 bucks” cheap.

Goon also encourages camaraderie. It brings tens, hundreds or sometimes thousands of would-be broke and sober party-goes together, to bask and bathe (sometimes literally) in the glory that is goon. At some 40+ standard drinks per $9 goon bag (see goon terminology below), a single goon bag can be sufficient for 3, 4 or even more person’s for a wild night out. Split a goon bag between 3 and you’re now at $3 each for the night, leaving 6 bucks for your after-party Macca’s run. Cashed up enough for your own goon bag? Be the party hero and share it with those less fortunate to ensure maximum good times are experienced, or rather Goon Experienced, by all.

Too many choices? Goon connoisseur.

It may be somewhat overwhelming when confronted by various choices for goon. There’s a wide range of brands such a Coolabah, Golden Oak or Berri Estates. There’s various types of goon including whites, reds and even fortified. And then there’s the “trying to sound like wine” flavour/style range, such as “dry white” or “fruity lexia”.

Your best bet will usually be a fruity lexia, and as cheap as you can find it. But for a more well-researched and prepared approach, visit the Goon Reviews page first.