Goon Reviews

Golden Oak's fruity lexia is a goon we had long forgotten. It wasn't until recently while looking for a goon bag at BWS that we stumbled across it. We couldn't remember what it was like but there was nothing else to choose from really.

First of all, I am so glad we found this magnificent goon bag once more in our possession. It is by far the best tasting goon I have ever tried. While not as good value for money (in terms of dollar to standard drink ratio) as Sovereign Point, you could argue that money is saved because you really don't need to mix anything into it. It's the one goon that goes down like water. Try it, and tell me what you think.

Sovereign Point is the one goon I prefer most. This is what we usually drink if it is available. It's generally cheaper than most other brands (approx. $10 here in Vic), has 10% more volume and is also 2% stronger than most goon brands. It is 40 standard drinks whereas most 4 litre goon bags contain 30 drinks, so it's a great bargain. As far as taste, it's actually one of the nicest and easiest drinking goon brands I've ever tried. The fruity lexia isn't all that great but the soft fruity white is the way to go.

Berri Estates is THE 5 litre cask. The easiest drinking and easiest to mix in this brand, like many, is fruity lexia.

Coolabah Fruity Lexia has to be the #1 favored goon for  new goon drinkers.

Have to say, I've never been able to enjoy De Bortoli. None of my usual mixes even began to over-power the strong harsh taste of De Bortoli.

Kaiser Stuhl is probably the second most common goon box for beginners after Coolabah.

Stanley Wines is a lot less common but you do still see it at the usual house party. It's kind of like the "This is all they had left" brand.

Sunnyvale is really underrated. It's a really easy-to-drink goon and complements well with most mixes.